New Beginnings


Here it is, my first blog post. I decided that I want a WordPress blog because my Blogger/Blogspot one doesn’t look cool lol. So here I am, typing out in the dark, because my roommates are asleep. More on to this later. Typing in a dark room means I am fumbling around with typos since my keyboard is not backlit.

This week is one of the last weeks before the study break commences. It is also one of the shittiest week ever, off to a bad start with a good old monday blues, and then it continued to be a constant throughout the week -.-

Last night, I started to do my Family Law tutorials and I drank Nescafe. Wrong move.

Me and caffeine had a good relationship in the past. I drink it to study, and then I go sleep. After a long break from caffeine, I decided to drink it tonight and it had betrayed me. I’ve relentlessly tried to sleep for the past hours (!!!), to no success. It’s so frustrating when the brain doesn’t know that the body is tired.

Anyway, I figured that I should state the reason why I wanted to blog: I’m someone who likes to think and talk a lot. So I figured I should add one more space where I can continue ‘talking’. I wanted the blog to be in black and white, since those two colours is the one I feel the most for.

I will try to constantly blog, and I think my enthusiasm for a new blog will ensure the presence of the next 10 posts or so. lol.

Oh before I lupa, I think an introduction is needed. I am a (struggling) student, currently reading law, and as one of my friends put it, “sometimes the law read me”. I am 20 years old and I’m from the Holy Land of Perlis 🙂 This is some random conceited thought of mine: I think most cool people have Utara blood in them lol.

I think this should be enough for a first post. I really need to sleep now. I figured that I could fit in 6 hours of sleep if I sleep right after I finish this post. So yea, learn from my mistakes and never drink caffeine when you’re not in urgent need. It makes you want to poop too.

Way to end this post with something TMI lol.


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